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In a year you'll wish you started today...











My office is in Wembley, Perth WA

 I  offer Skype or zoom  sessions for those unable to attend in person.

Individual or Couples session: 1hr $165


Psychotherapy is designed to help people learn how to morefully live their lives. We all experience difficulties in our lives, and our relationships; having someone to guide you, especially when life has been difficult for you lately, can be immensely valuable and healing.


Please check out my services page for more information, thank you.  

About Me

First of all I would like to welcome you to my website, and thank you for taking steps towards finding a better and happier you.


I would like to provide you with an understanding of how I work as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist to help you and your loved ones live with less constraints.

I work in Wembley and would love to hear from you if I might be of service to you in your life. I also offer Skype counselling.


This is a message I received from one of my clients May 2020

Dear Fiona

I just wanted to say thank you again for working with me. I really appreciated the speed to which we got to the heart of the issues. I know I came with the mind to get to the bottom of what has been bothering me but I really appreciated the style and efficacy with which you worked with me to achieve this goal. Each session was a pretty intense experience for me but I felt understood, supported and safe every time. Whilst I hope I can just go on my merry way now and live the calm and balanced life I seek I am also feel confident knowing that if I ever wobble again (and you are still in practice) I can trust that we will achieve a good outcome. I will happily refer you to anyone in my life who seeks the same.

Warm regards and a virtual hug

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